Pierre von Kleist editions - RIEN by André Cepeda

RIEN by André Cepeda

22 EUR

Dark alleys, blocks of cement, tired naked bodies, strings that lead to nowhere, abandoned tubes.
Rien, the new André Cepeda book, is an immersive experience. Page after page we are led into a void where all things seem to have lost their name, creating a restless and suspended time. More than looking at physical spaces, we feel as if in an endless present tense. There is Emptiness, but a desired one. 

Cepeda makes the beautiful more white than black large format photographs look spontaneous and free. 

A book about the process of photographing, about film.
A desire to touch and enlighten all things around us.

Disciple in Disorder
Le Monde

56 pages / b&w
24 x 37 cm

ISBN 978-989-97763-0-2