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André Cepeda

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Published on the occasion of the exhibition with the same name by André Cepeda in Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporanea – Museu do Chiado, in Lisbon from May 7th to September 26th of 2016, Depois is Cepeda´s third book in PVK editions.
This book / catalog gathers a series of recent photographs by André Cepeda, taken in Porto the city where the artist lives and a recurrent topic of his work.

The collection of images suggests a physical – and mental – journey through various sites in a city where human presence is residual. Nothing appears to happen in these places.

During this journey,  André Cepeda photographs a wide range of subjects, including deserted streets, the facades of buildings, rudimentary constructions, monuments, ruins, and abandoned materials and objects in settings permeated by melancholy and a sense of emptiness. It is a view that is harsh and sensitive, meditative and critical, which reacts to space, matter, and light, bestowing certain places and objects with a character that is at once familiar and strange, banal and mysterious. Nothing appears to happen in these places.

Depois is a work about what remains, but also about our desires and about what we are prepared to see in and make of the images.

Softcover, 108 pages
21x28cm, 52 color and black and white plates
With texts by curator Sergio Mah and writer António Guerreiro.
ISBN 978 972 776 479 2