Pierre von Kleist editions is an artist run publishing house. 

We are committed to the production of new, innovative photo books and we believe the photo book to be a medium capable of expressing complex, abstract, contemporary issues and to reach a wide audience.

We are interested in artistic achievements and in the specific qualities that the medium offers. We want to make books that deal with the contemporary way of living.

The photo book is a complex art form that combines photography, graphic design, cinema, literature, etc. Our goal is to push the limits and conventions of the photo book, contributing to establish it as a respected, mature medium.

Pierre von Kleist editions is run by André Príncipe and José Pedro Cortes.

We are based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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For sales and inquiries, please email us at:

We offer bookseller's discount and good shipping rates.
For bookshops in Japan contact our distributor:
Atsushi Hamanaka


For bookshops in the United Kingdom contact  our distributor:
Bryony Lloyd
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We accept submissions but please don't send us any files without first writing us.