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Carla Filipe

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Há Gente Na Via (Volume I) is the first volume on a collection of works focusing on the universe of the Portuguese railways and based on an archive of photographs shot and compiled by Portuguese artist Carla Filipe between 2005 and 2022.

Há Gente Na Via is taken from rail-related terminology, it means “there are people on the track” and was a a warning aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the train line. Protecting the railway line means keeping it free for the circulation of trains, thus ruling out circulation-related accidents or delays. Pedestrian access is currently limited to a small number of railway lines, with access to the tracks progressively restricted by a safety system consisting of bridges, tunnels and signage, aimed at keeping the possibility of access to a minimum.

This first volume focus on the different carriages, wagons, and the physicality of the trains and its materials. A unique glimpse into the universe of CP – Comboios de Portugal. With texts (in Portuguese) by Ana Rute Faísca, Maria do Mara Fazenda and Miguel von Hafe Pérez.

Carla Filipe (Aveiro, 1973) is a Portuguese artist living in Porto.

Há Gente na Via (Volume I)
Pierre von Kleist editions / MAAT, 2022
Hardcover, 24x32cm, 100 pages
ISBN 978-989-53531-4-9