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André Cepeda

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In 2012 André Cepeda spent three intense months in São Paulo, exploring and photographing the city while reevaluating the very nature of his practice. 
The thrill of discovering a new territory, the endless photographic possibilities and the buzz of the city in contrast with Cepeda's distinctive silent style, reveals the author's work in a completely new light. The result is a warm, colorful labyrinth of this megacity -  its places, streets, architecture and people. Cepeda's managed to create his own São Paulo.
Rua Stan Getz reads like a sensual dream that feels real.
From the artist's notebook:
“ (...) spitting on the ground, pissing in the street, the sound of the saxophone that vibrates and endures and dilutes as I write alone in the studio in São Paulo thinking about the city streets...the decision to turn left or right or to go straight ahead is fascinating and physically demanding. The unexpected and the discovery in every minute that passes; everything is new and the will is strong. I want to be on this endless path, I want the streets to speak to me and teach me how to look and tell me how I should act. it's the images that guide me and make me see what I want to see and discover what I have never seen (....)”

Rua Stan Getz by André Cepeda
Pierre von Kleist editions, 2015
Hardcover with dustjacket, 88 pages, 28 x 22.4 cm
Edition of 600