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Pedro Costa and others

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While shooting Vitalina Varela (Portugal, 2019), filmmaker Pedro Costa and the members of his crew collected images of different moments of the production. The photographs were taken in the suburbs of Lisbon and in the island of Santiago, Cape Verde, between 2017 and 2019. Vitalina Varela – Caderno de Rodagem is a visual record of Pedro Costa´s working methods. A collective effort.

Vitalina Varela, the facts
Vitalina Varela had spent all her life working the land in the mountains of the Island of Santiago, Cape Verde. She was the youngest of eight brothers and sisters and she married her first love, Joaquim, a boy from the same village, of Figueira das Naus.


Vitalina Varela - Caderno de Rodagem
Softcover with dust jacket, 26x18.6 cm, 80 pages

Photographs by Pedro Costa, Vítor Carvalho, João Fevereiro, João Gazua, João Leão, André Martins, Marta Mateus and Leonardo Simões. Includes 'Vitalina Varela, The Facts' (in Portuguese and English).
ISBN 978-989-54245-7-3